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result definition in the Cambridge Learners Dictionary

2 No final held; the article is about the decisive match of the final group stage. There was no third place match in 1930; the two losing semi-finalists are ranked according to their overall records in the tournament. Early World Cups were given to countries at meetings of FIFA’s congress. The locations were controversial because South America and Europe were by far the two centres of strength in football and travel between them required three weeks by boat.

definition of result

It is also the first time that one of the winning continents is ahead of the other by more than one championship. In all, 79 nations have played in at least one World Cup. Of these, eight national teams have won the World Cup, and they have added stars to their badges, with each star representing a World Cup victory.

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So far, South Africa and Qatar failed to advance beyond the first round. England won its only title while playing as a host nation. Uruguay , Italy , Argentina , andFrance won their first titles as host nations but have gone on to win again, while Germany won their second title on home soil. Men’s football has been included in every Summer Olympic Games except 1896 and 1932. Unlike many other sports, the men’s football tournament at the Olympics is not a top-level tournament, and since 1992, an under-23 tournament with each team allowed three over-age players.

  • (“1978 Argentina”. CBC. Archived from the original on 28 September 2013.
  • Regardless of the sentence, Holmes and her family will face ongoing hardship as a result of widespread criticism of Holmes, her legal team said.
  • The vacancy left as a result of DeLuca’s death will be filled by a special election, Lyon said.
  • The end result of using this method is that learners leave the classroom discouraged.
  • There was no third place match in 1930; the two losing semi-finalists are ranked according to their overall records in the tournament.

It was originally simply known as the World Cup or Coupe du Monde, but in 1946 it was renamed after the FIFA president Jules Rimet who set up the first tournament. In 1970, Brazil’s third victory in the tournament entitled them to keep the trophy permanently. However, the trophy was stolen in 1983 and has never been recovered, apparently melted down by the thieves. The latter three do not have a women’s version, although a FIFA Women’s Club World Cup has been proposed. In late May, the US Department of Justice announced a 47-count indictment with charges of racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy against 14 people.

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In March 2019, FIFA confirmed that the tournament would no longer be active owing to an expansion of the FIFA Club World Cup in 2021. The first two World Cup matches took place simultaneously on 13 July 1930, and were won by France and the US, who defeated Mexico 4–1 and Belgium 3–0 respectively. The first goal in World Cup history was scored by Lucien Laurent of France. In the final, Uruguay defeated Argentina 4–2 in front of 93,000 people in Montevideo, and became the first nation to win the World Cup. After the creation of the World Cup, FIFA and the IOC disagreed over the status of amateur players, and so football was dropped from the 1932 Summer Olympics.

The vacancy left as a result of DeLuca’s death will be filled by a special election, Lyon said.

definition of result

Few South American teams were willing to travel to Europe for the 1934 World Cup and all North and South American nations except Brazil and Cuba boycotted the 1938 tournament. Brazil was the only South American team to compete in both. The 1942 and 1946 competitions, which Germany and Brazil sought to host, were cancelled due to World War II and its aftermath. At the 1908 Summer Olympics in London, football became an official competition.

Previous international competitions

They are held within the six FIFA continental zones , overseen by their respective confederations. For each tournament, FIFA decides the number of places awarded to each of the continental zones beforehand, generally definition of result based on the relative strength of the confederations’ teams. In 1914, FIFA agreed to recognise the Olympic tournament as a “world football championship for amateurs”, and took responsibility for managing the event.

The judges announced the medal results yesterday in the International Wine Challenge. Look up any word in the dictionary offline, anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app. These actions were taken as a direct result of the strike. Although big teams may not be the most efficient, many architects believe they yield the best result. All definitions are approved by humans before publishing.

On 10 June 2015, Swiss authorities seized computer data from the offices of Sepp Blatter. The same day, FIFA postponed the bidding process for the 2026 FIFA World Cup in light of the allegations surrounding bribery in the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 tournaments. The format involves a qualification phase, which takes place over the preceding three years, to determine which teams qualify for the tournament phase. In the tournament phase, 32 teams compete for the title at venues within the host nation over about a month.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was hosted by Brazil, the first held in South America since Argentina 1978, and was the first occasion where consecutive World Cups were held outside Europe. In October 2016, FIFA president Gianni Infantino stated his support for a 48-team World Cup in 2026. On 10 https://globalcloudteam.com/ January 2017, FIFA confirmed the 2026 World Cup will have 48 finalist teams. Two hundred teams entered the 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification rounds. 198 nations attempted to qualify for the 2006 FIFA World Cup. A record 204 countries entered qualification for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Aftermath, consequence, corollary, effect, end product, event, fruit, harvest, issue, outcome, precipitate, ramification, resultant, sequel, sequence, sequent, upshot. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘result.’ Views expressed in the examples do not represent the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Tom Dunmore, Historical Dictionary of Soccer, page 235, quote “The World Cup is now the most-watched sporting event in the world on television, above even the Olympic Games.” The Most Entertaining Team during the World Cup final tournament, as determined by a poll of the general public.

To arise or proceed as a consequence of actions, premises, etc.; be the outcome. Something that follows naturally from a particular action, operation, or course; a consequence or outcome. Regardless of the sentence, Holmes and her family will face ongoing hardship as a result of widespread criticism of Holmes, her legal team said. Mountain Ridge was ranked 17, but, most of the Top 8 teams that will go into the Open playoff will come from 6A, which likely will result in the Mountain Lions elevating into the 16 playoff teams. For the various formats used in previous tournaments, see History of the FIFA World Cup § Evolution of the format.

definition of result

The world’s first international football match was a challenge match played in Glasgow in 1872 between Scotland and England. The first international tournament for nations, the inaugural British Home Championship, took place in 1884. As football grew in popularity in other parts of the world at the start of the 20th century, it was held as a demonstration sport with no medals awarded at the 1900 and 1904 Summer Olympics , and at the 1906 Intercalated Games. The two teams have played each other twice in the World Cup, in the 2002 final and in the 2014 semi-final. Each group plays a round-robin tournament, in which each team is scheduled for three matches against other teams in the same group. This means that a total of six matches are played within a group.

This paved the way for the world’s first intercontinental football competition for nations, at the 1920 Summer Olympics, contested by Egypt and 13 European teams, and won by Belgium. Uruguay won the next two Olympic football tournaments in 1924 and 1928. Those were also the first two open world championships, as 1924 was the start of FIFA’s professional era, and is the reasons why Uruguay is allowed to wear 4 stars.

Planned by The Football Association , England’s football governing body, the event was for amateur players only and was regarded suspiciously as a show rather than a competition. They repeated the feat at the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm. This article is about the men’s association football tournament. The final score or the name of the winner in a sports event, competition, election, etc.

Other FIFA tournaments

After this, a FIFA designated group of inspectors visit the country to identify that the country meets the requirements needed to host the event and a report on the country is produced. The decision on who will host the World Cup is usually made six or seven years in advance of the tournament. The knockout stage is a single-elimination tournament in which teams play each other in one-off matches, with extra time and penalty shootouts used to decide the winner if necessary. It begins with the round of 16 in which the winner of each group plays against the runner-up of another group. This is followed by the quarter-finals, the semi-finals, the third-place match (contested by the losing semi-finalists), and the final.

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After the IOC and FIFA worked out their differences, Olympic football returned at the 1936 Summer Olympics, but was now overshadowed by the more prestigious World Cup. This practice has been installed since the 1986 FIFA World Cup. (“1978 Argentina”. CBC. Archived from the original on 28 September 2013. With five titles, Brazil are the most successful World Cup team and also the only nation to have played in every World Cup to date. Brazil were also the first team to win the World Cup for the third , fourth and fifth time. Italy and Brazil are the only nations to have won consecutive titles.

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Whether you’re a teacher or a learner, Vocabulary.com can put you or your class on the path to systematic vocabulary improvement. To obtain a notable or successful result or response; be effective. Fifty per cent of road accidents result in head injuries. A result of something is an event or situation that happens or exists because of it.

The championship has been awarded every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of the Second World War. The reigning champions are France, who won their second title at the 2018 tournament in Russia. Today Josh Duggar made the decision to resign his position as a result of previously unknown information becoming public concerning events that occurred during his teenage years. If you sometimes want those results and sometimes don’t, head to the top right of the search window.

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Any large projects that result in an increased emissions is going in the opposite direction of where we need to go. In the interpretation of our results, the following points must be kept in mind. This decision, long overdue, is the result of her reckless use of a private email server, and her refusal to be forthcoming with federal investigators. But there have already been changes made in school safety and gun control measures as a result of this commission’s work that have already saved lives.

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